At the first time our dearest guest has arrived in Montenegro! But you know who is this guest? The one who will not leave you indifferent, whom you will want at every party, celebration and will not leave you like others, who come for a short time and leave. Because he stays here with us in Montenegro. NEKTAR is a light lager, characterized by a pleasant bitterness and relatively persistent foam. It is produced in Banja Luka Brewery, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The only domestic brewery in the Republic of Srpska, during 149 years of long tradition in beer production and successful business, has not changed the recipe for the most recognizable domestic brand "Nektar" beer, in which every drop is carefully designed to satisfy even the most discerning beer drinker's palate. One of the most recognizable products emerged from the former small brewery. True beer lovers know that. The highest quality standards, the highest quality barley, and the most modern beer production technology are still recognized beyond the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina. NEKTAR beer is the winner of numerous gold medals and awards for quality at European and regional quality competitions. Its unique recipe brings well-deserved satisfaction to all people of fiery spirit, who enjoy carefully selected things.