O nama

Company Plus Ltd. Podgorica is the exclusive importer and distributor of world renowned manufacturers of tobacco and tobacco products.

In the Montenegrin market, Plus Ltd.  represents an important importer of consumer goods.  We are commercially present in a number of categories: healthy food, cosmetics, personal care, home chemistry, household products…

Leading company, both in business success and in knowledge and manner of doing business.  The basic principles of our business are improvement, development of distribution network as well as customer satisfaction and trust.


Thanks to many years of work, market knowledge and experience, we are building the paths of success.  Indicators are excellent results in the import of high quality products.

Leadership position

Mowadays, Plus Ltd. has a share of over 40% in the sale of imported cigarettes, covering the following brands: Japan Tobacco International, China Tobacco International Europe, Slance Stara Zagora, Tobacco Factory Udbina and Monus.

Why we

  • Effective and efficient distribution;
  • Synergy of international products;
  • A major and desirable retail partner;
  • Launch success (10 working days for 80% of numerical value)


The basis of our effective management is the constant improvement and training of employees through professional seminars.  We believe that appropriate knowledge and professional development are a safe way to improve your business system.  Such HR management fosters dedication and satisfaction at work, which enables greater productivity.

The strength that drives us is the fact that our past work, the efforts we have invested and the fight for survival in the market have secured a leading position in the Montenegrin market.

The key to any business success is ideas, even small ones that can be a very good basis.  By constantly developing the right skills and competencies, employees can exceed not only their own but also the company’s goals.

We are focused on energy, adaptability, communication, customer commitment / precision in work, team spirit.

Taking care of our partners and employees, stable company development and profit growth, as well as active contribution and support to community development are our basic postulates.  We believe that only in this way can we be sure that we will always move forward.

Our values


There is no unsolvable situation for us,
it’s just a matter of motivation and desire.


Stability is the basis of experience and this encourages the development of creative energy for our employees.

Positive energy

The component that makes up our clearly defined goals, and vision and mission are not just words on paper.


We are convinced that with the help of our people’s knowledge and capabilities, we achieve results and achieve our goals in accordance with our code of conduct.


Confidence is the foundation of every good relationship.  Our partners ‘and customers’ belief that their entire business is within shared values ​​is a reward for us.