Pavlovic fat

Our brand has a long tradition and accordingly instills confidence.  Pavlovic’s original ointment awakens nostalgia for times when the weather has been slower and families are safe harbors for each child to grow up.  That is why he is loved and trusted by his parents throughout the generations.   The effective effect of Original Pavlovic fat is enhanced by the quality of the substances from which it is produced.  Lanolin is basically all three products of Original Pavlovic fat.  Lanolin nourishes, softens and moisturizes, helps maintain skin moisture and has an antibacterial effect.  Original Pavlovic Baby Ointment is known to be used in baby diaper care, while the Original Pavlovic Family Ointment is used from 3 to 103 years to nourish the skin of the face and body.   “You are spreading Pavlovic and everything will work!” Is the sentence that has followed our product for generations.

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