SPLAT Bioactive oral hygiene products with up to 92% natural ingredients and innovative patented systems.

White Sistem® – a revolutionary modern product that is part of the PROFESSIONAL and SPECIAL toothpaste series.  A set of components for the safe decomposition and removal of dental plaque to the level of whitening and polishing, without causing scratches and increased sensitivity of teeth and gums.

Calcis® – 100% natural calcium lactate, one of the most readily absorbed forms of calcium because it is obtained from crumbled eggshells.  It strengthens the eyes, accelerates the process of remineralization, reducing the sensitivity of the teeth.

Luctatol® – an innovative system, complex of milk enzymes and licorice extract with extremely strong anti-caries effect.  Blocks tooth plaque formation up to 96%.

Calcium hydroxyapatite (HAP) – a bioactive calcium phosphate, an essential mineral in the composition of tooth enamel (97%) and dentin (70%). Restores smooth look, as filler fills holes and cracks formed on surface.   Reduces tooth sensitivity, effectively fills dentin ducts, whose spread otherwise results in hyper-sensitivity. It prevents the process of demineralization by restoring the loss of minerals. Stops the development of caries spots in caries.

Polidon® – Helps clean the tooth surface by breaking the dental plaque.

Biosol® – Herbal antiseptic with anti-inflammatory effect on the gums.

SPLAT products are manufactured in our own modern eco-factory: “Organic Pharmaceuticals”, which is built in an environmentally friendly area of ​​VALDAJ, Russia, with CO2-neutral status.  They are certified according to the international GMP standards for cosmetic products, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. SPLAT helps people to be healthier, nicer, more successful.

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